Bergama Kozak forests offer to athletes all kinds of opportunities for orienteering training camp and maps. You have the opportunity to train as much as you want also by staying in our bungalow houses located in the maps. We have over 40 square kilometers of mapped area as seen in the maps provided. Almost every single one of these maps is interconnected. In addition, we also have totally 5 square kilometer sprint training area with narrow and beautiful market areas consisting of historical houses and unparalleled country roads Kozak villages.

We can organize camps for clubs and national teams at any time of the year. Please contact us for training sessions at any time and in the region.


First offiical training camp of SEE(M)OC will be held between 5-10 July 2024 in Bergama Kozak. Pergamon O-Camp insists of 5 days 10 training at revelant terrain to Seeoc. Camp center is in Kozak Yaşam vadisi which is located inside the map.

For detailed information and registration : Click Here.

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